Frequently-Asked Questions

What should I wear?

We encourage concert-goers to feel comfortable when attending a concert. Some people enjoy getting dressed up for a night at the concert hall; on the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with jeans. If you dress as if you were going out to dinner, you won’t feel out of place.

When should I arrive?

Arriving 30 minutes before the concert begins will give you plenty of time to find a good seat and socialize with your fellow concert-goers before the program starts.

How long do the concerts run?

The program length varies, but a typical concert lasts approximately 90 minutes, including one intermission. Please feel free to visit our reception where refreshments are provided after the concert!

Can I buy tickets at the door or do I need to buy them ahead of time? What payment methods are accepted?

Tickets can be purchased prior to the concert by visiting our ticketing page on this Web site. Tickets may also be purchased at the door. Online purchases are handled by Brown Paper Tickets, and you can pay via credit card or PayPal account. At the door, cash, checks, or major credit cards are accepted.

Will my tickets be mailed to me?

Tickets purchased online through Brown Paper Tickets can be mailed to you or held at Will Call. There is no extra charge for either service. The Will Call table opens an hour before the concert begins.

What are the house rules?

We request that you turn off all cellular phones and pages before entering the concert hall. As the acoustics of a concert hall are designed to carry the human voice, please refrain from talking and whispering as this can be very distracting to performers and concert-goers. Smoking is not permitted inside the building and food/drinks (except water) are not permitted inside the auditorium.

Are children allowed to attend concerts?

Yes and encouraged! The length of the programs might be a bit much for the very young but for the interested it can be a rewarding experience. However, if you find that your children are having a difficult time remaining seated and quiet during the performance, we ask that you quietly take them to the lobby.

What is the seating policy?

The doors will open 30 minutes prior to show time. We like to begin all concerts on time so please allow plenty of time to unload passengers, park and find your seats before the concert begins. Auditorium doors are closed when the program begins. If you do arrive late, please wait by the entry doors until the piece is finished and then quietly take your seat. If you must leave before the conclusion of a performance, we request that you only do so between program works in order not to disturb other patrons. All concerts are open seating and there are two rows reserved for our season ticket holders.

Can I take pictures?

Cameras as well as other recording devices can create major distractions for the musicians and audience members around you. As a result, no still, video cameras or tape recorders of any kind are permitted. We also ask that concertgoers refrain from using their cell phones during the performance as the light from those devices can also be distracting.

When do I clap?

There are two reasons to applaud at a symphony performance – as a greeting and as appreciation. In orchestral concerts it has become traditional to applaud only at the very end of each work. A lot of the music we play is made up of several distinct sections ("movements") with brief pauses between, and most concertgoers have discovered that it’s usually better to remain quiet during these pauses so the mood of the music is not broken. The conductor's and musicians’ body-language will usually signal when it’s time to clap, but if you’re still not sure, wait for other people to start.

Are there provisions for wheelchairs?

The First Free Methodist Church sanctuary is wheelchair accessible.

Where is the concert? How do I get there and where can I park?

PSSO performs at Town Hall in Seattle. Parking is available in the parking lot next to the building, or on nearby neighborhood streets. For detailed directions, visit our Location & Directions page.