Joining PSSO as a Musician

Are you interested in becoming a PSSO musician? We’d love to hear from you! Just e-mail us at with your name, instrument, phone number, and background. We’ll contact you within a day or two. The rest of this page details some of the logistics of PSSO.

Audition Process

As much as we don’t want to hold auditions, it’s a requirement if we are to meet some of the goals defined in the mission statement. The format of the audition will be pretty simple.

Part of the time, we’ll just talk with each other. This gives us a chance to get to know you at a personal level, learn about your musical background, and hear why you want to join this symphony. It also offers you the opportunity to get to know the PSSO director and musicians and ask questions about what this group is about. You’ll be asked to play some fairly short excerpts which you’ll receive ahead of time via email or fax. After we part ways, you’ll learn the results of your audition within a week or two.

Some of you may be wondering what caliber of musician we’re seeking. It’s a difficult question to answer. The word we like to use is “accomplished”. Generally speaking, most applicants have taken private lessons and have some sort of symphony experience. Not fitting into this profile by no means precludes you from auditioning. If you’ve put in the time to read this Web site and contact us, we will be happy to meet you and listen to you play.